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Server Platform Upgrade: PHP 5.5

As part of our continued commitment to better service, we are pleased to announce the planned upgrade of our production hosting platform to use PHP 5.5. Currently, we are running PHP 5.4.

PHP 5.5 brings many new features for developers that support better software engineering and design patterns, as well as performance improvements. Details can be found here:

For most users, the planned upgrade to PHP 5.5 means that you will need to ensure that your PHP scripts and programs (such as WordPress) are compatible and upgrade and/or patch them as necessary so that they will have a smooth transition. You may need to contact the vendor and/or developer of your programs to verify compatibility.

The upgrade to PHP 5.5 is scheduled for August 01, 2015 between the hours of 01:00 AM and 02:00 AM Eastern Time (about 3 weeks from today, July 12, 2015). Again, please check your PHP programs to ensure that they will run in PHP 5.5.