Mach Technologies has an extensive portfolio of services designed to meet your business strategy or goals. We’ve got you covered whether you are looking for simple IT solution, energy efficient computing, or mission critical information system design. Often, we are able to deliver a complete solution, greatly reducing costs and complications often associated with multi-vendor systems.

Below are some of the major IT sectors that Mach Technologies can handle:

Web Hosting & Colocation – Home/Personal and Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises
* Lightning fast Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) with Ruby-on-Rails support and cPanel (See Features)
* Dedicated servers and colocation also available
* World class datacenters (See Facilities)

Workstations, Servers, and Networks – Home/Personal and Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises
* Evaluate and analyze existing systems to identify performance and usability bottlenecks
* Design and implement high performance network and server infrastructure supporting both general and special purpose uses

Information Security – Home/Personal to Medium-Sized Enterprises
* Evaluate and analyze existing systems and designs for vulnerabilities
* Incident response and analysis
* Design and implement robust information security systems and policies

Virtualization – Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises
* Design and implement both server and desktop virtualization platforms to achieve increased reliability and reduced footprint.

Systems Integration, Analysis, and Design – Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises
* Analysis of existing systems for security, usability, performance, and efficiency
* Design of new systems or enhancements to existing systems to not only support end users, but also to reduce system administrative and maintenance overhead
* Seamless integration of new and existing systems to support seamless operations

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