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Server Upgrades: AUG 2020

It’s been a while since we’ve posted some updates but rest assured that we’ve been working hard maintaining the servers behind the scenes. One of the biggest changes we’ve done recently is migrate all remaining legacy servers to CentOS 7 and plan to migrate to CentOS 8 where feasible.

For the web hosting clients, this brings about many new features as well since newer versions of cPanel were installed. The following features are now available per account:

  • PEAR plugins manager – lets you manage your own PHP plugins
  • MultiPHP INI Editor – lets you configure PHP settings per domain and subdomain
  • Automatically enable SSL with LetsEncrypt

As always, we’re striving to provide secure, resilient, and reliable services to our clients.

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Re: Server Platform Upgrade: PHP 5.5

We are pleased to announce that the scheduled PHP 5.5 upgrade has been completed successfully qkntarw. Thank you for your patience!

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Server Platform Upgrade: PHP 5.5

As part of our continued commitment to better service, we are pleased to announce the planned upgrade of our production hosting platform to use PHP 5.5. Currently, we are running PHP 5.4.

PHP 5.5 brings many new features for developers that support better software engineering and design patterns, as well as performance improvements. Details can be found here:

For most users, the planned upgrade to PHP 5.5 means that you will need to ensure that your PHP scripts and programs (such as WordPress) are compatible and upgrade and/or patch them as necessary so that they will have a smooth transition. You may need to contact the vendor and/or developer of your programs to verify compatibility.

The upgrade to PHP 5.5 is scheduled for August 01, 2015 between the hours of 01:00 AM and 02:00 AM Eastern Time (about 3 weeks from today, July 12, 2015). Again, please check your PHP programs to ensure that they will run in PHP 5.5.

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Introducing MySQL 5.6

We have updated our cPanel hosting servers to use the all new MySQL 5.6, which brings many performance improvements. Some of them are outlined below:

– Improved optimizer for all-around query performance.
– Improved InnoDB for higher transactional throughput.
– New NoSQL-style memcached APIs.
– Improved partitioning that helps query and manage huge tables.
– Expanded the data available through the PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA, and improved performance monitoring.

You can find out more about MySQL 5.6 here.

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Website Issues Resolved

The previously mentioned website issues with viewing the web hosting plans and placing automated orders has been resolved.

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Plans & Ordering Issues

It has come to our attention that the Web Hosting “Plans” page and any automated ordering functions are currently not available on the website. In the meantime, we’d be glad to assist you via e-mail (see Contact page).

For reference, the currently offered plans are outlined below:

Nebula 1 – $5.95 / Month
– 5 GB Disk Space
– 15 GB Bandwidth / Month

Nebula 2 – $9.95 / Month
– 10 GB Disk Space
– 30 GB Bandwidth / Month

Nebula 3 – $14.95 / Month
– 15 GB Disk Space
– 45 GB Bandwidth / Month

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Service Plan Changes

As mentioned earlier, we are unveiling our new Web Hosting plans, along with the upgrade paths and billing changes for our existing customers.

These plan upgrades are necessary to reduce abuse and simplify management. However, they include appropriate increases in space and bandwidth as well as Ruby on Rails support to accommodate modern web applications and usage. All new plans still have all the original cPanel and Softaculous features but will be limited to ONE domain per account. In other words, a separate hosting plan must be purchased for each domain you wish to host. The legacy “Add-on Domains” and “Parked Domains” will no longer be permitted.

All existing customers will be upgraded to the new hosting plans on Sunday 09 JUN 2013. The upgrade does not involve any downtime. As a courtesy and thank you for continuing to host your content with us, the new rates will NOT take effect until your next billing cycle. Customers currently using add-on or parked domains will be contacted with details on migrating those child domains to their own cPanel accounts.

Customers can use the tables below to compare and determine their new web hosting plan:

Current Plan:

New Plan:

STRX (Legacy)
  * 200 MB Disk Space
  * 2500 MB Bandwidth / month
  * $1.95 / month or $23.40 / year
Nebula 1
  * 5 GB Disk Space
  * 15 GB Bandwidth / month
  * $5.95 / month or $71.40 / year
INTX (Legacy)
  * 250 MB Disk Space
  * 4000 MB Bandwidth / month
  * $2.95 / month or $35.40 / year
Power Web 0
  * 0.5 GB Disk Space
  * 5 GB Bandwidth / month
  * $2.95 / month or $35.40 / year
Power Web 1
  * 1 GB Disk Space
  * 10 GB Bandwidth / month
  * $3.95 / month or $47.40 / year
ADVX (Legacy)
  * 500 MB Disk Space
  * 7000 MB Bandwidth / month
  * $4.95 / month or $59.40 / year
Nebula 2
  * 10 GB Disk Space
  * 30 GB Bandwidth / month
  * $9.95 / month or $119.40 / year
Power Web 2
  * 2 GB Disk Space
  * 20 GB Bandwidth / month
  * $4.95 / month or $59.40 / year
Power Web 3
  * 3 GB Disk Space
  * 30 GB Bandwidth / month
  * $5.95 / month or $71.40 / year
Power Web 4
  * 4 GB Disk Space
  * 40 GB Bandwidth / month
  * $6.95 / month or $83.40 / year
Nebula 3
  * 15 GB Disk Space
  * 45 GB Bandwidth / month
  * $14.95 / month or $179.40 / year
Power Web 5
  * 5 GB Disk Space
  * 50 GB Bandwidth / month
  * $7.95 / month or $95.40 / year

In addition to the consolidation and upgrade of existing web hosting accounts, billing terms will also be consolidated as follows:

Current Payment Term:

New Payment Term:

 Monthly  Monthly
 Annually  Annually

We hope that this clearly outlines the scheduled changes and helps you, as the customer, understand the process. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Once again, thank you for choosing Mach Technologies.

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New Website

Welcome to new Mach Technologies website. We decided to give it a refresh for a clean design, as well as a more cohesive user experience. Perhaps the greatest improvement is a rebuilt integration of the website with the client portal. The look and feel of the client portal’s redesign should be more seamless and much easier to use than the previous design.

If you find any bugs, please contact us so we can fix it right away!

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Server Migration

We have successfully migrated all of our web hosting clients into our new cloud infrastructure to provide improved performance and manageability. And the difference should be noticeable immediately!

Current clients may be aware of the ongoing performance issues that had occurred earlier this year that often resulted in an outage. Unfortunately, it was beyond our control and was the result of our server provider’s mismanagement. As a result, we decided to go forward with purchasing and managing our own infrastructure, giving us unparalleled control over the quality of service.

This new, first-class hosting infrastructure was a long overdue project that is finally completed. As a result of the overhaul, all existing web hosting clients will be upgraded to our new hosting plans, which will have slightly different features and prices. More details on this change will follow.