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Server Upgrades: AUG 2020

It’s been a while since we’ve posted some updates but rest assured that we’ve been working hard maintaining the servers behind the scenes. One of the biggest changes we’ve done recently is migrate all remaining legacy servers to CentOS 7 and plan to migrate to CentOS 8 where feasible. For the web hosting clients, this Continue Reading

Server Platform Upgrade: PHP 5.5

As part of our continued commitment to better service, we are pleased to announce the planned upgrade of our production hosting platform to use PHP 5.5. Currently, we are running PHP 5.4. PHP 5.5 brings many new features for developers that support better software engineering and design patterns, as well as performance improvements. Details can Continue Reading

Introducing MySQL 5.6

We have updated our cPanel hosting servers to use the all new MySQL 5.6, which brings many performance improvements.

Website Issues Resolved

The previously mentioned website issues with viewing the web hosting plans and placing automated orders has been resolved.

Plans & Ordering Issues

It has come to our attention that the Web Hosting "Plans" page and any automated ordering functions are currently not available on the website. In the meantime, we'd be glad to assist you via e-mail (see Contact page).

Service Plan Changes

As mentioned earlier, we are unveiling our new Web Hosting plans, along with the upgrade paths and billing changes for our existing customers.

New Website

Welcome to new Mach Technologies website. We decided to give it a refresh for a clean design, as well as a more cohesive user experience.

Server Migration

We have successfully migrated into our new cloud infrastructure to provide improved performance and manageability. Current customers should check their e-mail for details.